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Fire Resistant RoofingFire Resistant RoofingFire Resistant Roofing
Fire Resistant RoofingFire Resistant RoofingFire Resistant Roofing

Fire Resistance Roof Systems


Fire Resistance Roof Systems

KUKU, fireproof roofing sheets manufacturer and installer specializing in insulated, fire-rated, and architectural facade systems, as well as groundbreaking roofing solutions in China. Fire Resistance Roof is a high-performance roofing sheet designed specifically for the construction industry. This product has excellent fire resistance and can effectively reduce fire risks and protect the lives and property of buildings and residents. Fire Resistance Roof has been rigorously tested and certified to meet the highest fire rating standards.

Advantages of Fire Resistance Roof

Energy-saving, Eco friendly 

▼Fireproof (Class A1)

▼Waterproof, Wetproof

▼Sound Insaltion

▼Easy & Fast Installation

▼Heat Insulation & Preservation

▼Low Maintenane

Lightweight Economy

▼Low Maintenane

Fire performance:

Special materials and processes are used to ensure that they are not easy to burn in a fire, effectively inhibit the spread of fire, and provide reliable fire protection for the building.


Made of high-quality materials, it has excellent weather resistance and anti-aging capabilities. It can maintain stable performance for a long time, reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement, and reduce usage costs.

Comply with regulatory standards

Fire Resistance Roof has been rigorously tested and certified to meet the regulatory standards of the construction industry, providing building owners with confidence and security. You can avoid potential legal liability and risks by choosing products that meet standards during the building design and construction process.

Environmentally sustainable:

Comply with environmental protection standards, use renewable materials or undergo environmental protection treatment, reduce negative impact on the environment, and meet the requirements of sustainable development.

Easy installation:

Fire Resistance Roof is well designed and easy to install, saving installation time and labor costs. For building construction projects, this means greater efficiency and faster project completion times, reducing overall costs.

Fireproof Roofing Sheets Application

Suitable for a variety of building types and projects, including residential, commercial buildings, industrial plants, etc., providing effective fire protection whether it is a new roof or roof renovation.


Covered walkways

Exhibition and Convention Centers

Retail and Showroom Premises

Sport and Cultural Buildings



Modular Buildings

Education and Govt

Home Improvement

Home Renovations

Insulated Roofing

Fire Resistance Roof Systems

Product Profiles

Fire Resistance Roof Systems

Product Fixing

At KUKU, we understand that the foundation of roofing systems goes beyond surface aesthetics. Our Fire Resistance Roof Systems Panels uphold our commitment to excellence through meticulous installation methods. Offering you the choice between Visible Fixing and Concealed Fixing, we ensure that your roofing solutions not only provide unparalleled protection but also seamlessly integrate into your architectural vision.

With the Visible Fixing method, we bring a distinctive aesthetic dimension to your roofing design. The mechanical fixings are intentionally exposed, contributing to the panel's overall visual narrative. This method is well-suited for projects that embrace the industrial charm of visible hardware, where the fixings become an integral part of the architectural storytelling.

For those who prioritize a clean, uninterrupted visual appeal, our Concealed Fixing method offers a solution of refined sophistication. Behind the scenes, we employ hidden fasteners that remain concealed from view. This results in a sleek and unblemished roofing surface that radiates elegance while maintaining optimal fire resistance and protection against the elements.

Fire Resistance Roof Systems

Fire Resistant Roofing Specification

Product Core OptionsRock wool/ Glass wool
Core Thickness40/50/60/75/80/100/120/125/150/200/250mm
Core Material Density120kg/m3 for rockwool, 64kg/m3 for glass wool
Steel Thickness0.3mm-0.8mm
Cover Width400-1200mm
Lengths   Not more than 11.8m for container
Metal TypeHot-dip zinc/, Al-Zn coated/ stainless steel/ /Aluminum coated
Steel OptionBlueScope, Baosteel, Union steel, YIEH PHUI, etc.
Coating OptionPE/PVDF/SMP/HDP
Colour OptionRAL Colour or as your samples
Fire ResistanceNon-combustible
Fire RatingClass A1
Fixing detailsVisible fixing and concealed fixing

Fire Resistance Roofing is suitable for a variety of construction projects, including residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial plants, and more. Whether it's a new roof or a roof renovation, our products provide you with a reliable solution. Welcome to contact us to learn more about Fire Resistance Roofing, we will wholeheartedly provide you with professional service and support.