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Fire Rated Composite PanelsFire Rated Composite PanelsFire Rated Composite Panels
Fire Rated Composite PanelsFire Rated Composite PanelsFire Rated Composite Panels

Fire Resistance Wall Systems


Fire Rated Composite Panels

At KUKU, we stand as pioneers in the realm of insulated, fire-rated, and architectural facade systems, as well as cutting-edge roofing systems in China. As a name synonymous with innovation and quality, we take immense pride in introducing our two stellar products: Fire Rated Composite Panels and Glass Wool Panels, setting new benchmarks in safety, performance, and sophistication.

Sandwich panels with insulating core in mineral wool or glass wool, consist a reliable solution for façade claddings and for partition walls with requirements for increased performance against fire, maintaining at the same time a sufficient level of thermal insulation. Due to its inorganic nature, the core material is non-combustible, and when exposed to fire it does not contribute to fire growth. That is, a barrier against flames smoke and heat, preventing in this way fire from spreading to adjacent buildings, as well as from contaminating the surroundings of the building.

Rock Wool (Glass wool) Sandwich Panel with PU Foaming meet the strictest fire resistance requirements, while also complying with the required insulation properties and maintaining a good bearing capacity. The edge of the panel is PU sealing, which increase the panel strength and avoid edge deformation and also effectively avoid the strength and thermal insulation reduction caused by the rockwool moisture absorption.

We can offer solutions that meet with a wide range of wall-cladding requirements.

The Benefits of Fire Resistance Wall Systems are as follows,

Energy-saving, Eco friendly 

▼Fireproof (Class A1)

▼Waterproof, Wetproof

▼Sound Insaltion

▼Easy & Fast Installation

▼Heat Insulation & Preservation

▼Low Maintenane

Lightweight Economy

▼Low Maintenane

The Application of Fire Resistance Wall Systems are as follows,

Fire Resistant Walling

Retail and Showroom Premises

Sport and Cultural Buildings

Walls and Partitions

Education and Govt


Insulated walling

Fire Rated Composite Panels

Product Profiles

Fire Rated Composite Panels

Fire Rated Composite Panels

Product Fixing

At KUKU, we understand that securing fire-rated composite panels goes beyond aesthetics – it's about ensuring safety and longevity. Our Fire Rated Composite Panels come with two meticulously engineered fixing options: Visible Fixing and Concealed Fixing.

The Visible Fixing method offers a bold aesthetic statement. The fixings, intentionally exposed, contribute to the panel's design narrative. This method is suitable for those who appreciate the interplay between the panels and their hardware.

Concealed Fixing prioritizes a clean and seamless visual appearance. The fixings are cleverly hidden behind the panels, resulting in a sleek and unobtrusive surface that emphasizes elegance and sophistication.

Our commitment to precision and safety extends to every installation. Whether you opt for Visible Fixing or Concealed Fixing, our experts ensure a secure installation that aligns with your design intent while meeting stringent safety standards.

Fire Rated Composite Panels

Surface Textures

Discover the artistry of fire-rated composite panels with KUKU. Our Fire Rated Composite Panels don't just promise exceptional performance; they also exude captivating surface textures that redefine the very essence of visual and tactile experience. Immerse yourself in a realm of textures that elevate aesthetics and fortify your spaces against fire hazards.

Our Flat surface texture embodies timeless sophistication. With a smooth and sleek finish, it provides a canvas for understated elegance, allowing your spaces to breathe with contemporary charm.

The Micro-Rib texture introduces subtle undulations that play with light and shadow. As you run your hand across the surface, you'll feel the delicate ridges that add an element of finesse to your panels.

Infuse geometric beauty with our Square-Rib texture. Precisely aligned ridges create a balanced and structured appeal that resonates with those who seek harmony in design.

Our V8-Rib texture presents a visually dynamic pattern, inspired by the sleek lines of a V8 engine. The interplay of ribs creates a sense of movement, adding an element of excitement to your architectural vision.

Experience the fluidity of design with the Wave texture. Gentle waves traverse the panel's surface, inviting touch and creating an ethereal aesthetic that transforms walls into works of art.

Unleash opulence with the Embossed texture, where intricately carved designs elevate your spaces into realms of grandeur. This texture transforms panels into captivating focal points, merging aesthetics with luxury.

Fire Resistance Wall Systems


Product Core OptionsRock wool/ Glass wool
Core Thickness40/50/60/75/80/100/120/125/150/200/250mm
Core Material Density120kg/m3 for rockwool, 64kg/m3 for glass wool
Steel Thickness0.3mm-0.8mm
Cover Width400-1200mm
Lengths   Not more than 11.8m for container
Metal TypeHot-dip zinc/, Al-Zn coated/ stainless steel/ /Aluminum coated
Steel OptionBlueScope, Baosteel, Union steel, YIEH PHUI, etc.
Coating OptionPE/PVDF/SMP/HDP
Colour OptionRAL Colour or as your samples
Fire ResistanceNon-combustible
Fire RatingClass A1
Fixing detailsVisible fixing and concealed fixing
ProfileFlat,Micro-rib, Square-rib, V8-rib, Wave and Embossed

Elevate Your Vision with KUKU

In a world of choices, KUKU offers more than products; we offer a vision realized. Our Fire Rated Composite Panels and Glass Wool Panels redefine the dynamics of safety, comfort, and sustainability.

Forge a partnership that goes beyond construction; embrace an innovation journey that marries elegance with security. KUKU: where every building becomes a masterpiece, and every partnership becomes a legacy.

Witness the evolution of excellence – your vision, our panels. Together, let's redefine construction, one panel at a time. Contact us now!