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Heat Resistant Materials For RoofingHeat Resistant Materials For RoofingHeat Resistant Materials For Roofing
Heat Resistant Materials For RoofingHeat Resistant Materials For RoofingHeat Resistant Materials For Roofing

Thermal Insulated Roof Systems


Heat Resistant Materials For Roofing

At KUKU, we stand at the forefront of innovation in insulated, fire-rated, and architectural facade systems, as well as cutting-edge roofing solutions in China. As a name synonymous with excellence, we take immense pride in introducing our flagship product: Thermal Insulated Roof Panels. These panels are not just solutions; they're a testament to our commitment to delivering superior quality, innovation, and unwavering customer service.

Sandwich panels with insulating core in rigid plastic foam (PUR & PIR technology), consist the ideal solution for roof claddings with increased thermal insulation requirements. It is widely used in pitched roofs of 3° or more after deflection.

Our Thermal Insulated Roof Panels redefine the concept of roofing systems. These panels aren't just designed to cover structures; they're engineered to create an environment of comfort, energy efficiency, and safety. Crafted with the finest heat resistant materials for roofing, they safeguard against the elements while maintaining an aesthetic appeal that complements any architectural vision.

The Benefits of Cold Storage Systems are as follows,

Energy-saving, Eco friendly 

▼Fireproof (Class B1)

▼Waterproof, Wetproof

▼Sound Insaltion

▼Easy & Fast Installation

▼Heat Insulation & Preservation

The Application of Cold Storage Systems are as follows,

Insulated roofing


Wine Stores

Education & Govts

Sport & Cultural Buildings

Exhibition & Convention Centres

Thermal Insulated Roof Systems

Product Profiles

Thermal Insulated Roof Systems

Thermal Insulated Roof Systems

Product Fixing

At KUKU, we understand that the integrity of roofing systems goes beyond surface aesthetics. Our Thermal Insulated Roof Panels uphold our commitment to excellence through their installation methods. Offering you the choice between Visible Fixing and Concealed Fixing, we ensure that your roofing solutions are not only structurally sound but also seamlessly integrate into your architectural vision.

With the Visible Fixing method, we bring a distinctive aesthetic dimension to your roofing design. The mechanical fixings are intentionally exposed, creating a deliberate interplay between form and function. This method is well-suited for projects where the hardware becomes an integral part of the visual narrative, showcasing a harmonious fusion of practicality and design.

For those who prioritize a clean and uninterrupted visual appeal, our Concealed Fixing method offers a solution of refined sophistication. Behind the scenes, we utilize hidden fasteners that remain concealed from view. This results in a sleek and unblemished roofing surface that radiates elegance while ensuring optimal protection against the elements.

Thermal Insulated Roof Systems


Product Core OptionsPUR/PIR
Core Thickness40/50/75/80/100/125/150/200mm
Core Material Density40 ±2kg/m³
Steel Thickness0.3mm-0.8mm
Cover Width1000mm
Lengths   Not more than 11.8m for container
Metal TypeHot dip galvanized/, Al-Zn coated/ stainless steel/ /aluminum
Steel OptionBlueScope, Baosteel, Union steel, YIEH PHUI, etc.
Coating OptionPE/PVDF/SMP/HDP
Colour OptionRAL Colour or As your samples
Fire ResistanceNon-flammable
Fire RatingClass B1
Fixing detailsVisible fixing and concealed fixing

Elevate Your Vision with KUKU

In a realm teeming with choices, KUKU isn't just a supplier; we're your partners in shaping a future of exceptional roofing solutions. Our Thermal Insulated Roof Panels aren't mere installations; they're testaments to our dedication to transforming your architectural dreams into realities.

Choose KUKU for more than just products; choose us for innovation, quality, and a legacy of excellence. Experience the impact of Thermal Insulated Roof Panels crafted with precision, finesse, and the finest heat resistant materials for roofing.

Elevate your vision with KUKU – where roofing systems transcend into a symphony of protection, beauty, and efficiency.