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Thermal Insulated Wall Systems


Thermal Insulated Wall Systems

Introducing KUKU, a pioneering force in the realm of insulated, fire-rated, and architectural facade systems, as well as state-of-the-art roofing systems in China. As a beacon of innovation, our mission is to redefine excellence in construction, and our unwavering commitment is encapsulated in our flagship product: THERMAL INSULATED WALL PANELS.

The sandwich panels with insulating core in rigid plastic foam (PUR & PIR), consist the ideal solution for façade claddings and partition walls with increased thermal insulation requirements. This fireproof building material is easy and fast to install vertically or horizontally and is available in a variety of products and applications with a range of colours and profiles.

Splend insulated metal panels are eco-friendly products and highly sustainable for construction. The core of each panel is made from polyurethane (PUR/PIR), which is environmentally friendly. Since our insulated metal panels have a high R-Value, it allows for building constructed by Splend to have an improvement in energy efficiency.

The outer layer of splend insulated metal panels consists of color Steel on each side that sandwiches the pu foam core. The edges of each sp insulated metal panel have a “Z-lock” snap to install design that allows our panel systems to eliminate thermal bridging, otherwise known as heat loss.

Benefits of Thermal Insulated Wall Systems

▼Energy-saving, Eco friendly 

▼Fireproof (Class B1)

▼Waterproof, Wetproof

▼Sound Insaltion

▼Easy & Fast Installation

▼Heat Insulation & Preservation

▼Lightweight Economy

Pu Panel Wall

Application of Thermal Insulated Wall Systems

The Thermal Insulated Wall Panels are applied as external walls and internal division walls, installed vertically or horizontally on single- or multi-span structure.

▼Industrial halls

▼logistic centers


▼Clean Rooms


▼sport halls

▼Food Processing

▼Food Preparation Areas

▼Commercial Buildings

Pu Panel Wall

Product Detail

Pu Panel Wall

Fireproof Building Materials Fixing

At KUKU, we recognize that every detail counts when it comes to architectural perfection. Our Thermal Insulated Wall Panels go beyond aesthetics and functionality – they embody meticulous craftsmanship in their installation. With two distinct fixing options – Visible Fixing and Concealed Fixing – we ensure that your architectural vision is realized with precision, stability, and finesse.

The Visible Fixing method brings forth a sense of rugged elegance. As each panel is secured to the structure, the fixings are intentionally exposed, creating a dynamic interplay between the panels and their hardware. This method is ideal for designs that seek to make a bold statement, where the hardware becomes an integral part of the aesthetic narrative.

For those who prioritize a seamless and uncluttered visual appeal, our Concealed Fixing method offers a solution of refined sophistication. Here, the fixings are ingeniously concealed behind the panels, leaving a clean and sleek surface unmarred by visible hardware. This method is perfect for designs that demand a polished, uninterrupted finish.

Thermal Insulated Wall Systems

Surface Textures

Surface texture is a key feature of fireproof building materials. The design and selection of fireproof building materials texture need to consider not only the basic thermal properties of the material, but also the appearance, durability and construction feasibility of the material. Different types of surface textures can produce different thermal and visual effects. Contact us to help you develop the most suitable solution.

Thermal Insulated Wall Systems


Product Core OptionsPUR/PIR
Core Thickness40/50/60/75/80/100/125/150/200/220mm
Core Material Density40 ±2kg/m³ 
Steel Thickness0.3mm-0.8mm
Cover Width400-1150mm
Lengths   Not more than 11.8m for container
Metal TypeHot dip zinc/, Al-Zn coated/ stainless steel/ /aluminum coated
Steel OptionBlueScope, Baosteel, Union steel, YIEH PHUI, etc.
Coating OptionPE/PVDF/SMP/HDP
Colour OptionRAL Colour or Custom Colors
Fire ResistanceNon-flammable
Fire RatingGrade B1
Fixing detailsVisible fixing and concealed fixing
ProfileFlat,Micro-rib, Square-rib, V8-rib, Wave and Embossed


1, First of all, it must carry on the construction preparation before installation, include personnel, materials, etc. All will be well prepared.

2, Before the installation of PUR/PIR wall panel, it should check whether the verticality and levelness of metope purlin installation requirements, wall frame column vertical degree meets the requirement. 

3, Before installation PUR/PIR wall panel, it should first mounting plate bottom water retaining plate and the bottom of the window to block water board, water retaining plate and wall frame beam connection with self tapping screw fixation. 

4, PUR/PIR wall panel links with ground.

Thermal Insulated Wall Systems

Cooperate With Us

KUKU is China's largest manufacturer and installer of thermal insulation, fire protection, building curtain wall systems and roofing systems. We have more than 60 production lines to meet your different panel requirements.

With more than 10 years of production experience, advanced technology and quality service, we provide you with the highest quality solutions. Applications for our products include industrial and commercial buildings, stadiums, agricultural buildings, the food industry and residential buildings.

KUKU Your trustworthy pu panel wall supplier. Contact us now!

Q: May we visit your factory?

A: Sure, you’re welcomed to our factory any time.


Q: Can we get samples?

A: Sure. We can supply the free samples.


Q: How long can we expect to get samples?

A: Samples will be sent out within 3-5 days.


Q: Can we order products of different colors?

A: Sure. We can produce according to the customer's requirements.


Q: What is the delivery time?

A: 3-5 days. Customized products 15-30 days.


Q: What are the terms of payment?

A: T/T.


Q: What is your MOQ?

A: 300 m². 


Q: How do you check all the goods in the production line?

A: We have spot and finished product inspection.